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Keyword Marketing Tool

To drive traffic to your website, so you can make money, you will need to use keywords. A good keyword list can be like money in the bank, but it can be a tedious process to compile a good keyword list. After all, it's not just about finding keywords in your niche that get a lot of searches, there is a lot more information you need. To help automate, and speed up, the process of building a keyword list you can use a keyword marketing tool.

These software programs will allow you to customize what keywords you want to add to your list, all on autopilot. But, even with a keyword marketing tool, there are still many options you can choose from.

Some of these programs are quite basic and will only provide you with the most preliminary information. On the positive side, the more basic the tool, the less it will cost you. This can provide a great alternative to anyone who is just starting out and has a very limited budget.

If all you want is just a basic list of keywords that provide you with basic information such as the number of monthly searches and level of competition, you can even just use the free Google keyword tool.

Remember, as you put together your list, that you don't want to target the keywords that get huge monthly searches. I know this may sound counter intuitive, but the keywords that get a lot of searches are very competitive and it's very difficult to rank well for them.

Those keywords are usually beneficial only to the big companies that have full time staff doing their keyword and marketing research. A little guy just can't compete.

But, why bother trying to compete on the overly competitive keywords when you can get a nice long list of great keywords that still get a lot of traffic but don't have nearly as much competition?

When you are ready to move up and your marketing skills have increased to the point where you need more information about each keyword you add to your list, you can find many keyword programs that will give you all the information you could ever use.

Of course, with all this functionality does come a price tag. There are several of these highly detailed keyword software programs on the market today and before you make a purchase you should take time to compare them side by side to find the one that offers you the best combination of features and price.

Another thing to consider before you actually buy, is the quality of the customer service should you have any problems or questions. A good way to find out unbiased information on the programs you are considering, is to visit internet marketing forums and ask.

Many of the people who participate in the forums have used this type of software and can provide you with some insight as to which one works best for them.

While this can be helpful at the end of the day it's all about what you want, need, can afford and feel comfortable with. Many of these programs will actually allow you to use them for a short period before you buy to see if you like them. That is always a good idea.

Keyword research will be a big part of your online business, getting a keyword marketing tool that can automate the process for you will save you time and free you up to do other things...




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Friday, June 29, 2018

Buy Domain Names - 3 Tips To Help You

There's a belief that you can never really lose money if you invest (wisely) in real estate. As the saying goes "they're never going to make more land". When it comes to the internet, having domain names is owning online real estate and that's why despite all the free resources online you should buy domain names... as many as you can.

But, just like real estate, not all domain names are going to be equally valued, some will be worth more than others. To pick out a good domain name, which will enhance not only your business but how much you could sell the website for down the road, is something of a science. There are a few elements you should consider when you buy your domain name:

1. The first thing you need to do is to identify the niche your new website will be in.  What product or service will you be promoting? Once you've figured that out you should do keyword research to find a list of great keywords that get a lot of searches every month.  Those keywords should be the domain name. For example, if my site was on dog grooming and I found a great keyword: dog grooming clippers. Than I would try to get a domain name something like: dog grooming 

This is a great way to get a lot of traffic to your website for free. Why? Because you already know from your keyword research that the term dog grooming clippers gets a lot of monthly searches, so many of those searches will be sent right to your website since that is the domain name. This one step can help you get a lot more targeted visitors for free.

2. There are a lot of places online where you can buy domain names. Namecheap, Domain and Reseller Club are some of the more popular ones, and one's I've personally used. If you want to find more just visit some internet marketing forums and ask for opinions, or do a search. Domain names are inexpensive usually around $12 a year at the most. Many sites offer sales or multiple domain discounts. I know Namecheap often has great specials and at times offers registration for under a dollar on selected domain extensions.

3. There is a lot of conflicting opinions about whether or not you should get any domain with a different extension such as .net or .org for example. Personally, I will use a .com, .net or .org. I've found that any of them work very well for my needs and .net are quite cheap. You'll have to find what works best for you, but you need to remember something: many people will say that customers will forget a long URL or a different extension, which is true, but how do you target the majority of your customers? 

If you aren't handing out business cards and expecting them to type in the domain name then it's not such a big issue. Most of the traffic I get is either from searches or from online marketing and in all cases my website visitors just have to click on a link which is why I think having different extensions hasn't had a negative impact on my business.

Take the time to establish your internet presence, don't get fooled into thinking that going the 'free' route with a blog is the best way to go. If you don't buy domain names and rely solely on the free services you don't actually own your fair share of internet real estate and you don't present a professional image.

Personal Recommendation
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There's a belief that you can never really lose money if you invest (wisely) in real estate. As the saying goes "they're never...

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